Personal Trainer Course in Hindi – Pros & Cons

Whether it’s India or any other country, English is the language of Business, Technology, Science, Computers, Diplomacy, and Tourism. Knowing English increases your chances of getting a good job in a branded health club within your home country or of finding work abroad!
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Studying Personal Training Course only in Hindi will not ever benefit you in Fitness Industry because to really have a growth , you have to learn English to understand and communicate as it is a Universal language. However only 45% people speak hindi in India and ‘written work’ here is usually done in English – including my writing of this article, studying National or International Courses of Personal Training in Hindi will not be beneficial in any way. I am not asking you to drop your own national language or the mother tongue you have grown up with but I will always insist you to not be a part of the Language Politics. You are just a money making machine for those people who are creating language bars and they have nothing to do with your growth in fitness field. It’s you and only you who have to decide for your successful career or future.
Kindly answer the following questions before doing a course in Hindi, ” Do you actually know the perfect Hindi Language or you still mix english words like sorry, please, hi, good morning etc?” for hindi language. ” Do you read and write numbers in hindi?” ” In a country where people have already adapted western culture like wearing jeans and t- shirts, will you be able to make them understand the native Hindi? (Personal Trainer Course in Hindi)
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Start acting smart! Stop stepping back! Buy English books of Personal Training along with the Hindi version or any other version which suits you (if available) to get a better understanding of English. It is important to understand stuff rather than just running from it. Whenever you are taught in the class and you don’t understand a word or sentence, stand up and don’t hesitate to ask the professor about it. They’ll be as helpful as they can be. Moreover, Start taking advantage of the internet to get the fruitful results out of it. Always keep a dictionary or keep searching things or words online. We, at Fitness Cravers teach our students in Hindi and English simultaneously as its better to build confidence in English from the very beginning so that till the end of course, the vocabulary improves and at least you develop confidence in dealing with the English! Whether you study Personal trainer Course in hindi or in any language for your better understanding, You need to put this thing in your mind that you should also buy English version of that book as you will be learning medical terms used by most of the doctors in hospitals, which are commonly used by every single man specially if you are doing a foreign course like ACE, ACSM,NASM, ISSA & look forward to go and work abroad!
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This Blog Written By Dr. Priyanka Jain – PT