Masterplan – Growing Into Monster Plan

Masterplan – Growing Into “Monster Plan” – Sealing of Fitness Centres in Delhi

Masterplan Growing Into Monster Plan – Don’t get confused with the name, because this Monster Plan is actually going to eat the Employment, Health and Investments of all the people related to Fitness Industry.This Plan, being a Monster, is spreading the Fear of unemployment and insolvency in the families of the people who are giving their heart out for Fitness Field. Not only it is snatching the jobs of the Gym Trainers and other employees, but it is also stopping the members of the Gyms from being Fit and forcing them to enjoy an Unhealthy life.

Reason Behind MasterPlan Growing into Monster Plan
Gyms opened between year 2008 and 2019 are considered as illegal according to Delhi Master Plan-2021 and the respective Owners have been told via notice to shut down their businesses but the Question is “Who is actually Responsible for the setting up of Gyms after August 12, 2008? What Punishment should be given to the Autonomous bodies or the Monitoring Committee who have actually been allowing them to operate since 11 years without giving them even a single notice?Want To Become a Personal Trainer in 2021Enroll In Personal Trainer Certification Course | Gym Trainer Certification CourseIf a Traffic Police stops someone for an offense and asks for penalty, then the driver is supposed to pay it on the spot and not asked to pay it after 11 years, then why such a situation of helplessness has been created by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India for its Citizens!Fitness industry is such a beautiful industry out of all, reason being, it has employed number of Trainers regardless of their Academic Qualifications and stopping them from getting into unethical businesses practices.Delhi Master Plan-2021 is not just about sealing the fitness centres, it will be adversely affecting the businesses of Supplementation, Gym Equipment Manufacturers, Fitness Institutions, Construction, Interior designing, Electronics, Digital printing, Marketing business and the list goes on.Is there Something Wrong if Fitness Industry is focusing on People to be Fit and Healthy in a lively environment? This wave of Unemployment will not affect the families of the employees instead it will demotivate the Young Generations of our nation.
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This Blog Written By Dr. Priyanka Jain